Covid19 – Comfort Solutions for Your Home

If you, like so many worldwide are working from home and find you are bumping elbows with people and your kitchen cupboards, bored to tears over the lack of things to do, or simply feeling low energy and need to crash on on the couch, some Expand customers have sent us their Covid19 home solution furniture ideas.

Our products have always transformed spaces, but now they are playing triple duty. Not only do they transform but they serve as play stations, work stations, relax stations and dining stations.

Customer Chris in New York went from living in a small space to living and working in a small space with his partner. He sent us photos of their MurphySofa Clean wall bed and standing desk that is set on rolling wheels to move out the way when needed.

“As New York’s lockdown order was approaching, I anticipated that it would be challenging for my husband and me to work at home since we are both on calls throughout the day. Luckily we already had Expand Furniture’s sofa wall bed installed for a bedroom/media room. I was able to order casters for my standing desk and get a rolling stand for my computer (which I zip-tied together). It’s now a fun daily routine to put the bed up, roll my desk into place, and close the door – giving us both private offices.” – Chris

Juliana of Pennsylvania sent us her working space spread, literally ON the Horizon table. She uses an erasable pen on the glass top as a visual board. Working at her couch as a Life Coach gives her the ability to hash out her ideas on the Expand table which raises to any height and extends as needed for work or play.

“One of my favorite features of this table is that writing with a dry-erase marker on it works very very well. It holds the writing just like a whiteboard and erases cleanly. I like to write things on the extended sections and then retract them to save them so they don’t get smudged off. Very helpful for working on projects and writing down my thoughts. Overall, this table was exactly what I needed for my office (which is actually a SheShed). The height is adjustable, it has extending sides that hide away nicely, and I can write on it. – Juliana

Joe of California got his order just when Covid19 hit and is happily enjoying the Alzare in White Gloss as his piece-de-resistance in his super cool apartment. 

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