How To Clean Melamine Panels and Remove Deep Stains or Permanent Marker

Watch the video below for a guide on how to remove deep stains on melamine panels from permanent marker to dry erase marker, pen ink and even ketchup. The markers/pen sat for 3 days before we attempted to clean. We used a microfiber cloth. Panels used in this video are from Expand Furniture space saving furniture products. This guide should not be used for paint or veneer panels. We used a soft microfiber cloth. Water and soap were ideal for most debris or markings. Rubbing alcohol was used to remove the deeper permanent marker stain. When using stronger cleaners like rubbing alcohol you should test cleaning in small amounts before proceeding to larger areas.

When cleaning we suggest using a microfiber cloth and rubbing in a circular motion. Make sure your cloth is clean before using it on your surface to avoid scratches. (although the surfaces are quite durable!)

The panel in this video is a synthetic melamine surface with a realistic wood texture. This gives a benefit of being very easy to clean and also being resistant to heat and stains. If you leave a cup of coffee on the surface it is very unlikely to leave a stain and you simply would clean this with a soft cloth and water. In a more complicated situation where there are markings like a pen you really only need a bit of soap and water and circular pressure with a cloth. If you cannot remove a stain as it might be something more powerful like a permanent marker, the rubbing alcohol solution will typically remove these stains.

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