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Top 5 Tiny House Appliances and Furniture

Imagine living rent-free and without the bother about worrying about your utility bills and mortgage. Imagine living in a house where you generate electricity of your own and you have your own water.

How great it would be to have a life which is free of debt and a place of your own which is affordable.

I always had the dream to live in a tiny house as I am a minimalist. Tiny houses are a perfect opportunity to make sure that you live comfortably yet within a budget.

Once you have bought a tiny house or constructed one, the next step is to have essentials in it. The main criteria you should keep in mind when you select appliances and furniture when it comes to a tiny house is that it should be reasonable in price, compact and of high-quality.

Let’s get started on the Top 5 Tiny House appliances and furniture on the market today.

Extending Coffee Tables

Even though you have a tiny home, why compromise on good looking furniture? Having an extending coffee table is an excellent idea for a tiny home. The Box Coffee to Dining table is a beautiful and sleek coffee table that is low profile. Not only is it great when you have friends over to drink coffee, it is perfect for hosting a dinner for your friends and family. It can easily extend into a dining table that can comfortably accommodate 10 guests. You can easily move it around your home when you don’t have guest as it locking wheels at the base of the legs which are discreet.

Hidden Seats Ottomans

Having an Ottoman in the living room of your tiny home would make your home look very fancy. You can try the Companion Cube which has 5 hidden seats that you can detach and stack up as separate seats. The seats are padded and comfortable which makes it very enjoyable to sit on.

Fold-Away Wall Bunk Beds

Beds are furniture that takes the most space in any home. The biggest space eater in a tiny home is the bed. At around 7 feet by 4/5/6 feet, this eats away into most of your tiny bedroom. I have found that Fold-away wall bunk beds are an excellent solution when it comes to solving this problem. Fold-away bunk beds have revolutionized sleeping in a tiny home. It is very easy to close and open since it has a piston system. You can fold it into the wall of your bedroom during the day so that you increase the floor space for other activities.

Slim TV Stand

A slim TV stand designed for today’s modern thin TVs and electronics. Expand Furniture’s modular Slim TV Stand 1 is an innovative solution for smaller spaces. It is only 24cm in depth so it won’t take a lot of space. You can still put your flat screen TV, Game Console and DVR in it. It has a lot of hidden storage capacity with its six cubbies. You can also use it to display books and photos. It is easy to assemble, durable and very light. It is perfect for a tiny home.

Wall Bed Closet

A wall bed closet is a great addition to your tiny home. You can store your clothes and you’re your coats. It has a lot of room so you don’t need to store clothes and other goods in a separate storage unit. It is very compact and has no conflict high swinging cupboard doors so you can keep a sofa or a table in front of it to save space.

At Expand Furniture, you can find a variety of space saving furniture options to fit the needs of your tiny home. Browse through our selection of console tables and modern extending tables, as well as our wall bed desks and Murphy Beds. Contact us today to find out more.


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